Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spotting Replica Fake Watches in Thailand

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Someone wants to sell you a genuine Rolex for only $150 in Thailand! Does that sound too good to be true? Of course it is! We've all seen these scoundrels on busy streets of metro areas. They are also found on the Internet, and they are taking advantage of gullible online buyers.

There are several key ways to avoid fake watches.

The number one piece of advice that anyone will give you is to buy watches with the manufacturer's serial number. When buying expensive watches online, be sure that the vendor promises a manufacturer's serial number. The finest luxury brands apply serial numbers to all their pieces. Fake watches in Bangkok will not have these. When in doubt, don't.
Another good method to avoid fakes is to cross-reference a vendor with the brand's web site. Almost every brand we've profiled has a list of authorized vendors on its website. In some cases, a vendor might not be authorized, but they may still be able to link you with an authorization agent.
Here are some other ways to avoid fakes:

Study the real models - browse manufacturer catalogues or websites and other displays. Be familiar with styles of bracelets, hands, clasps, etc. Be aware that not all configurations will be familiar, however.
Some very obvious replicas badly reproduce logos and face details. But also know the history of a brand and its various insignia.

Whether you are buying a new watch in Bangkok Thailand or a previously owned one, make sure that it has all the appropriate papers and (if applicable) that it comes with a manufacturer's guarantee. A signed warranty is the best sign of validity.
Some online retailers sell fakes on purpose. Using one of these vendors only contributes to a big problem in the real world and on the Internet. It also shows a lack of respect for the authentic Swiss brands by supporting counterfeiting scoundrels. After wearing one of these cheap fakes, you'll only want the real thing anyway.

Rolex is so avidly against counterfeiters its website has a lengthy guide to safeguard against fake Rolex watches in Bangkok Thailand.


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